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Open conversation about your needs and which House Therapy HQ service would be best for you

Can be conducted Online, by Telephone or In Person.

When you want a change but need help visualising a new design scheme and ensuring it will work.

  • You want a stylish home you can be proud of.

  • You're not afraid to roll your sleeves up but are unsure what the end result might look like and how to get there.

  • You may have a starting point  from which to work; like a large sofa that your family loves; or a colour you would love to use; but you cannot visualise how to make your room work around it or how to give the room a refresh without becoming overwhelmed by decisions. 

  • You want to avoid making costly mistakes!

Using this service you can decorate at your own pace and enjoy project managing your design or making personal touches to your scheme.

House Therapy HQ can set you on track with a 3D Room Design and Floor Plan for each space. 

Tailor-Made Design and Hand Picked Items without the hassle or huge price tag.

  • You know you need a designer's help to pull together a room or whole house design scheme.

  • You just need to 'get it done' and you're time poor whether working in or out of your home.

  • You want to avoid the overwhelm of the design process and making costly mistakes.

  • You need your home to work well and reflect your personality.

House Therapy HQ will step in to collaborate with you to create a beautiful space in which you will feel comfortable and proud!  I will help you to source the key pieces, to make the scheme work for you and the accessories to style it perfectly.

By the end of this process you will understand your own needs and style and will have design confidence.

This service is also recommended as a gift for first home buyers, newly weds or your partner.

Sourcing, Organisation and Styling advice and tips

This is a bespoke add on service for clients who have purchased before and they need some extra guidance to make their real space work perfectly.  An hourly charge is applied as the amount of support can vary greatly.

Wardrobe Editing and Personal Styling services also available on an hourly basis.

Interior Design & 3D Visualisation

For Builders, Developers, Retailers, and Hospitality Business owners.  3D visualisations help articulate the vision for the new space to help market their properties or share with other members of their teams for offices, business premises and hospitality outlets.

My unique skill set, working in business and marketing, means I have experience of working in various sectors.  Please contact me for further information of past commercial projects and project pricing.

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